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    At New York Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, we are experts in the sport of running and are highly qualified to help runners train to compete in marathons, as well as other running events. From proper training and preparation, to the treatment of training-related injuries, we have the knowledge and skill to help you arrive at race day in peak physical condition.

    Our team of physical therapists are experts at treating training  related injuries such as ITB (Iliotibial Band) Syndrome, runner’s knee , hip pain, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and shin splints, as well as any other painful conditions that may arise during training.  We utilize a very hands-on and physical approach to therapy, known as the Australian Maitland approach, which includes techniques such as manual therapy and deep tissue myofascial release.  We also provide running-specific exercises that help expedite recovery and treat the exact source of your pain, providing you with the tools you need to continue with a training schedule free from pain or injury.  

    At New York Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, we understand the physical, psychological and emotional commitment it takes to train for a marathon or other endurance event.  Whether you are new to running or are a seasoned marathoner, and whether you have set your sights on competing in the New York City Marathon or one halfway around the world, we can help you remain pain-free and injury-free as you tackle the intense commitment of training for a distance running event. Some members of our team are also elite runners and we are all dedicated to providing you with the best care possible so that you are equipped to do your best when you hit the ground running.  

    About ITB Syndrome:

    Iliotibial Band Syndrome, or ITB Syndrome, is one of the most common injuries that runners encounter during training.  This injury is caused by the overuse of the iliotibial band, a muscle that runs along the outside of the thigh.  The continuous repetitive motion that occurs during training for a distance event, as well as the stress that intensive training puts on the body, can cause the muscle to become tight, which then creates friction around the outside of the knee.  This causes pain and inflammation.  

    Physical therapy can help to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by ITB Syndrome.  In addition to massaging and stretching the affected areas, we also teach our patients how to strengthen the muscles along the inside of the knee, which helps to restore the correct muscle mechanics during the process of running.  Strengthening these muscles helps to reduce pain and prevent further overuse injuries from occurring.